you can just recognize should you are from england yet all answers welcome.

the regal show (RIHS) do you need to qualify to go plus when thus are you aware what shows i may go to thus i could try plus qualify?
im seeking to do somw show cob classes where she is cut plus trimmed.

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Answer by Jeneah
what is a cob?

Answer by Dark Rider
Sorry I don’t recognize the answer, nevertheless to Jenah a Cob is a breed of horse.

Answer by fillyba

There are numerous listings for the “Royal International Horse Show” We have to figure out that 1 plus then ask the show secretary what the specifications for entering will be.

“Cob is a expression utilized to describe a kind of horse which is tiny, commonly of the stout build, with sturdy bones, big joints, plus steady temperament. The expression pertains to a body kind of horse instead of a certain breed. Historically, inside the UK plus, to a lower extent, the eastern United States, it was additionally a word selected to describe a popular horse chosen for everyday riding.

The expression has been popular to describe this kind of horse inside the UK, however less thus inside North America. In the United States, The expression “cob” is generally selected to describe the Welsh cob, plus inside the sizing of bridles for horses, designating a small size which usually fit not merely the Welsh cob, and countless Morgans, Arabians, certain American Quarter Horses, plus alternative horses with brief, triangularly-shaped heads.”